Sukha 70LT Backpack Review

Hello my friends, here I am this time to tell you about a new tool. The American brand f-stop contacted me in order to be an ambassador of the brand, and as I was a little abandoned in the backpack's part and looking at the quality that it presented, I didn't need to think twice.
I recently switched to the mirrorless camera system thinking it would reduce the weight carried in the backpack, but the truth is that with the addition of video, I have less and less space, as I mentioned in previous reviews I traveled for several years with a Lowepro Protactic 450 AW and for me one of my  best photo backpacks, but in a long trip, I start to realize that Lowepro starts to be a small backpack, the true is that this backpack came to help me a lot, because it has the capacity to take 70 liters of material, that is, I can go crawling on the ground to the plane.
The f-stop is a brand dedicated to creating backpacks with a modular system, this meen that we can customize our backpack to the effect needed.
f-stop sent me the Sukha Backpack in Master Bundle model.
f-stop Gear is known for their large line of backpacks and bags that are built for comfort and durability. 
The Sukha is a mix of the two, she is extremely comfortable bag for both hiking, exploring, and getting into the thick of things while not having to worry about the gear or clothes in your bag.​​​​​​​
This backpack is composed of two important accesses to the main compartment, a larger access on the back, and a quick access on the top of the backpack, with the help of the ICU's, we can adjust the availability to what suits us more, further on I will explain this part more deeply.

The f-stop design and development process represents a 15-year journey towards the development, design, and delivery of the best possible camera backpacks and bags. They designed, developed, and launched hundreds of products for dozens of brands over nearly two decades. They use a tried-and-true product development and design journey to deliver value and the highest possible quality to their customers.
The most important tool for design & product development is customer insight! By observing and receiving feedback from customers, partners, and ambassadors they learn what “job” customers are trying to do. From there, they apply this valuable insight to the product design to make completing the “job” customers want the product to perform more efficient.

Photo By: f-stop Web Page

Customers want products that do a job for them. For f-stop customers, the job their camera backpacks perform is getting camera gear safely and efficiently to and from any possible location.  They know this based upon more than two decades of field research, collaboration with the world’s top photographers, and behavioral feedback and data.

Photo By: f-stop Web Page

f-stop maintains direct relationships with all component suppliers. There are no third parties involved. They use the highest quality fabrics that are light, strong and weatherproof. They developed custom and proprietary zippers and plastics. They are also leading the outdoor and photography industries in using environmentally responsible packaging for every product.

Photo By: f-stop Web Page

We believe a commitment to sustainability should not be something separate from our processes, systems and products. For us, sustainability is a central part of who we are. From the packaging made from recycled materials to the durability of our products, the f-stop commitment to sustainability is unbroken. Rather than being a catchy motto or initiative of the week, our commitment to sustainability guides everything we do.

Photo By: f-stop Web Page

They manage the entire journey from component manufacturing to final product assembly. They put every component through advanced testing and extensive quality control processes, and they impose strict tolerance levels on each phase of testing. They engage in comprehensive supply chain tracking and management, so customers get the products they want when they want them.

Photo By: f-stop Web Page

Their customers own the highest quality gear available, and it lasts three to five times longer than other camera packs and bags. That means f-stop bags are durable, built to last, and remain in the field rather than in a landfill. They back our commitment to quality with a 20-year warranty on our Mountain Series backpacks. They also offer 45-day after purchase, no questions asked returns. Customers also benefit from rapid and free shipping in the EU and US. They global customer support ensures customers, no matter where they live, get questions answered promptly.

Photo By: f-stop Web Page

A Backpack it's a big thing and it's not easy to make a pretty package, i as told you before f-stop is a brand that develop backpacks with modular system, and they sent me the the full package, the Master Blundle.
 After opening the big the tradicional yellow cardboard box, I can fond this inside the package: 
- Sukha Backpack;
- Large Rain Cover;
- ICU Pro XLarge;
- ICU Pro Large;
- ICU Pro Medium; 
- ICU Pro Small;
- ICU Micro Tiny;
- ICU Micro Nano; 
- ICU Gate;
- ACC Small Pouch;
- ACC Medium Pouch;
- ACC Large Pouch;
- Mano Pouch;
- Hydratation Sleeve;
- Packing Cell Kit (S, M, L);
- 4 Gatekeeper Straps.  
- 70L volume pack;
- Modular System for better customization; 
- Safe zone for your phone, sunglasses, cords, and other small valuables;
- Compartment for Laptop that can be also used to the Hydration system ;
- Designed to be used as a carry-on or travel hold bag;
- Enjoy a hands-free, balanced and secure carry  by the additional stabilizer straps above the shoulder pads;
- Side straps to compress the bag or hang a tripod;
- Attachment points all over the bag for hanging a tripod, skis/poles, or other straps;
- Belongings are held securely in place and organized with internal compression straps;
- Possibility of using the bottle holder on the handle for easy use.
- 3 Colors avaible: Black, Aloe (Green), and Orange

- Materials:  WR-treated, 420D ripstop nylon with TPU laminate;
                      Weather sealed zippers and Hypalon zipper;
- Dimensions: 49.0 x 33.0 x 63.0 cm;
- Volume: 70L;
- Weight: 2.1 kg;
- Padded laptop sleeve
- Weatherproof zippers
- Top camera access
- Weather resistant material;
- Carry/Transport Options:
   Top Handle;
   Shoulder Straps;
   Sternum Strap.
Sukha had a lot of pockets, and in sequence very rich of zippers. At beginning like other news backpacks it seems very confusing to navigate but with  time we get used. All zips and zippers are made of high quality, they are a Innovative weather sealed zippers and Hypalon zipper garages protect access openings meaning your items stay dry.

In all of  the backpacks I have tested this is in fact the backpack with more straps that I have seen. In this backpack we can find several straps, on the right side we can find 2 straps on each side, that can be used as compression, or can be used to fix items, such as tripods, hiking poles, skis, etc.
This backpack was also developed with a lot of hooks, what f-stops calls  Gatekeeper mounting points, this hooks can be used with straps that are sold separately or in my case with the master bundle package, came with 2 kits of straps, they can be used at the top, bottom, and front.
Camera backpacks tend to get heavy fast due to the quantity of the equipment we took. One of the things I instantly fell in love with when I got my F-Stop Sukha, was just how comfortable the bag felt. It brings a whole new level with well over twice the padding on both the hip and shoulder straps. Once the bag is loaded and fitted to your body, it literally feels like you’re carrying half the weight you actually are. 
f-stop is very whole on it design, one of the biggest features of the F-Stop line of backpacks is the modular system, they design the ICU (Internal Camera Unit) system. Without any ICU’s inside, the backpack can actually be squished down a whole lot despite also having a rigid internal frame. This allows you to stash the backpack in an airplane’s overhead compartment or a similar luggage situation.​​​​​​​
As I told before,  most of F-Stop’s bags are design to use in modular system, they have their ICU system (Internal Camera Unit). in my experience I can guarantee you that all of you equipment, and other valuable camera goodies will be in safe. The ICU is also fully customisable with hook and loop dividers giving the user the ability to tailor the unit to their specific needs. F-Stop in my opinion is far from the best made ICU modules. 
They have 4 ICU´s the XLarge, the Large, the Medium, the Small, and have more 2 Micro ICU, and 3 ACC, to use inside the big compartment or to be used in pockets they had design for all the backpack.
1.1 - Main Compartment
The inside area has lots of  space, as I told you, this is a modular backpack, so it can be customized for photography, for traveling, or for both. My idea for the most usual customization since I always take a lot of equipment on the road is to use one ICU Large and one ICU Small.
You can see also along of the backpak a aluminum frame that was design to provide a exceptional all-day support.
1.1.1 - Back Access
At the rear access I will have available the ICU Pro Large, this will be the ICU that will carry almost all the gear, Backpack Camera, Video Camera, Lens, Action Cam, Drone, and accessories. 
It can also be used for travel with a Medium ICU, which will also have access to it by the rear plate and use the other access to carry clothes, where the rest of the space can be completed with the other ICU's, including the packing cells to take the clothes all packed.
Inside in the panel there's a another small pocket, and f-stop designed with a straps a place to storage cables.

1.1.2 - Top Access
The top part of the backpack has a zipper that also gives us access to the main compartment of the backpack.
As I said before my idea of customizing the backpack was to use one ICU Pro Large and one ICU Small, and it is in this part that the small one enters in the party and makes this backpack even more attractive. 
The small ICU can be hitched upside down making the Top access a quick access. In this ICU I will put the main camera with the most used lens, the bag of square filters frames, and one versatile lens.
It top of this access exists also a small mesh pocket, closeable by a zipper.
1.1.3 - Laptop Pocket
The laptop pocket is stored at the back of backpack. When you have the bag fully closed, you access it via the top access. This is a great idea for safety, as you’ll find it difficult to damage if its at the straight part of the bag.
With other bags,  the laptop area is at the front. I thought this was a great idea, until I damaged my portable monitor while it sat inside. It turns out, it wasn’t the flattest part of the bag.
This padded area will hold a 15.7″ laptop and closes with a Velcro tab.
1.2 -  Top Pocket

In the upper part of the backpack attached to the main compartment access, there is a relatively large pocket where inside it there are two compartments one of them closeable with a zipper, and the other one closeable with Velcro.
Depending on the amount of items you put in these two inside pockets you can also carry a Micro Tiny ICU, or Small ACC.
Inside there is also another nice surprise,  a detachable key chain.
We can also use this place to place some food.
 1.4 - Side Pockets
On the side of the backpack both on the left and on the right there is a full-length pocket that can be used in several ways, it can be used to carry a medium tripod, it can carry a large bottle of water, it can also be used to carry clothes, to carry a pair of tennis shoes on each side. 
1.5 - Front Pockets
Na parte da frente da mochila tempos dois pockets, um grande e um pequeno. 

1.5.1 - Front Big Pocket  
The large front pocket is also a pocket that accompanies almost the entire length of the backpack as the side pockets. 
This pocket has a depth of about 6 cm, that consider a reasonable pocket. 
Inside this pocket we can find two more compartments, one on each side,one mesh pocket and closeable with a Velcro facing part inside the backpack, and another one this time a closed one facing the outside of the backpack being this almost the entire length of the pocket. 
In this big front pocket we can store several things, the bag of accessories for the action cam, we can also store the nodal rulers, the ruler for macro photography. 
This pocket can be also used to store clothes. 
1.5.2 - Front Small Pocket
This pocket is really small one, in my opinion this pocket was a small exploitation, it was designed to be more of a quick access pocket for any small items.
When it comes to carrying the bag, Sukha does not disappoint, it is truly versatile.
Like most backpacks Sukha can be carried on its back with its shoulder straps. 
Another way to carry it is to grab the two back straps and carry it that way.
f-stop has designed two more small straps that make it possible to pick up the backpack in weight and carry it that way, one strap is on the side of the backpack, and the other strap is on the top of the backpack. 

The back straps as I commented earlier come with a suspension system to help make it more comfortable on long hikes.
The back straps each have a hook on both sides for hanging something, making it interesting to attach something that you may suddenly need.
Both straps also have a mesh strip open on both sides, which I have not yet figured out for what purpose, I think it would make more sense if it was closed at the bottom and served as two small pockets.
In the middle of the straps there is also a mid-chest strap, also for more comfort and stability.

The waist straps were also well designed by f-stop, being a backpack made for long walks and to provide us all the comfort also in the straps applied an adjustment system both in thickness of the strap, as in height, being able to adjust more up or down depending on the belly of the person.
The straps also have on each side a small mesh pocket that we can use for example to hold a cleaning cloth, or an empty battery, or a quick camera neck strap.
It has also been designed with a baked strap that can be used to hang more items, including the Navin Camera Holster accessory from f-stop, which can be used as a quick camera bag.
As i told you before F-stop is a  brand that design almost backpacks with modular system.
If there’s been a trend in the past few years, it’s been modular design in carry. But what exactly does ‘modular’ mean? In essence, a ‘modular’ backpack features a range of smaller parts or modules (such as pouches) that can be used in tandem with the primary bag. The key benefit of a modular backpack is adaptability. Add modules you need and remove ones you don’t, allowing you to tailor different carry setups to different loads and environments.
In addition to the separate modules, modular design also encompasses the means by which those modules (or other gear) are secured onto or inside the bag. Think webbin, O-rings, Velcro panels and more. The possibilities are kinda endless.
1 - ICU
As I had the opportunity to tell you before the f-stop, is a manufacturer of backpacks and bag, and most of the backpacks brand uses the modular system, in the case of Sukha also applies to the rule. Sukha is a great backpack by itself, and can be used without any accessories, but if you add the ICU to it, it becomes the true Ferrari of backpacks.
The f-stop has many accessories, to modular, and sent me almost all of them, which I will talk a little bit about, but by far the most important is the ICU, this is what the brand calls Internal Camera Unit. The ICU is kind of a bag with dividers used to carry all the photographic and electronic material in a safe way, which is placed inside the backpack, where these ICU are accessible in the backpack.
My favorite ICU's customization this backpack is to use a Pro Xlarge, and a Small, this because this backpack is possible to use the Xlarge at the bottom of access to it from the back of the backpack, and use the small following but facing up, and this is accessible from the top of the backpack, making the ICU of quick access.

- Brushed polyester lining
- Tough, water-resistant shell material
- Protective, high-density cross link foam
- Removable foam lid insert
- Touch-fastening fabric tabs secure to Mountain Series pack frames
- Accepts optional shoulder strap via metal D-rings
- Strap securely into Mountain series packs for easy packing and unpacking
There are also other smaller ICU's, which can be used in the pockets of the backpack or even to carry in a hold bag, these ICU's, I use for carrying, such as chargers, cables, action cam, mini tripods, action cam accessories, etc.
I usually take a backpack that rolls up and stores itself in a small bag, this backpack I use for when I go on long walks and return the same day and when I don't need to take all the stuff, that's when they come to the party, these small ICU's I take in this portable backpack.
The small ICU's are:
- ICU MICRO NANO - this is the smallest of the ICU's, it is one medium lens or can take two small lenses, or one lens and accessories and comes with two dividers.

Quick Features:
- Brushed polyester lining;
- Tough, water-resistant shell material;
- Protective, high-density cross link foam;
- Removable foam lid insert;
- Touch-fastening fabric tabs secure to Mountain Series pack frames;
- Accepts optional shoulder strap via metal D-rings;
- Strap securely into Mountain series packs for easy packing and unpacking.
ICU MICRO TINY- this is the next one, it is almost the double of the Nano, and it already takes one big lens and two small ones, or one medium one, it comes with a central and two small dividers, and it also comes with elastic velcro to hold the material.

Quick Features:
- Brushed polyester lining;
- Tough, water-resistant shell material;
- Protective, high-density cross link foam;
- Removable foam lid insert;
- Touch-fastening fabric tabs secure to Mountain Series pack frames;
- Accepts optional shoulder strap via metal D-rings;
- Strap securely into Mountain series packs for easy packing and unpacking.
All these icu's have a hand grip, and two D-rings hoops, to be used with a shoulder strap.

ICU GATE - For me this is not a real ICU, but an accessory. When you’re storing more than just cameras and lenses in your ICUs, you can secure storage of smaller items with the ICU Gate. It customizes the functionality of any ICU and adds peace of mind, allowing you to focus on getting the shot, ele torna um buraco em bolso 8com zipper.

Quick Features:
- Sized to match width of all Shallow and Pro ICUs (Master Cine ICU compatible in vertical orientation);​​​​​​​
- Secured to ICU interior with hook-and-loop tabs on all sides;
- Mesh fabric allows ACC contents to remain visible;
- High-quality industry leading zippers.
2 - ACC
This is another great idea from f-stop, the ACC are a Accessory Pouch.
The ACC can  transport, and organize a variety of gear The pouch features inner pockets, padded walls, padded touch-fastening interior dividers, and an exterior business card pocket. Carry the pouch with the adjustable top handle. The pouch is constructed from water-resistant fabric.
All of ACC pouch have a strap with a buckle, and other great feature is a slot on front that can be used to place a card with the identification of the material inside each one.

This is the smallest pouch accessory of all, when opened on one side it can be used to store camera batteries, and the other side, is a closed side with a zipper, where we can store shutter release, etc.
It can use this open ACC hanging from the tripod, since it has a strap with a buckle on the outside, and can also be carried by hand.

Quick Features:
- Holds a Variety of Accessories;
- Brushed polyester lining;
- Tough, water-resistant shell material;
- Adjustable Top Handle and Zipper Closure;
- Strap for hand;
- Small slot for a card for identification of the content.

Length: 14cm / 5.5in
Height: 13cm / 5in
Depth: 7cm / 2.8in
This is the medium pouch accessory, when opened on one side it can be used to store camera batteries, and the other side, is a closed side with a zipper like the small one, but this one  is considerable bigger the the small one, and comes with two movable dividers, in this compartment we can to store chargers, we can also use this pouch to store the action cam and its accessories, small camera, hard disk, card holder,etc.
Like the small one we can carry the pouch with one hand thanks to the strap.

Quick Features:
- Holds a Variety of Accessories;
- Two mesh side pouches, one with adjustable velcro dividers;
- Brushed polyester lining;
- Tough, water-resistant shell material;
- Adjustable Top Handle and Zipper Closure;
- Padded Touch-Fastening Interior Dividers;
- Inner Pockets and Padded Walls;
- Small slot for a card for identification of the content.

Length: 28cm / 11in
Height: 13cm / 5in
Depth: 7cm / 2.8in
This is the large pouch accessory, for me one of the best accessories,  when opened on one side we have a compartment closed with a zipper, and a mesh window making it easy to see inside, already inside we find two velcro dividers. In the other half we find a compartment this time all closed, not visible inside, with two velcro dividers as well.
This ACC is very useful can big things like the Drone,  medium lens, chargers, accessories of photography like magic arms, store camera batteries, and the other side, is a closed side with a zipper like the small one, but this one  is considerable bigger the the small one, and comes with two movable dividers, in this compartment we can to store chargers,  fastening clamps, head lights, video lights, etc.
Like the small one we can carry the pouch with one hand thanks to the strap.

Quick Features:
- Holds a Variety of Accessories;
- Brushed polyester lining;
- Tough, water-resistant shell material;
- Adjustable Top Handle and Zipper Closure;
- Padded Touch-Fastening Interior Dividers;
- Inner Pockets and Padded Walls;
- Small compartment for a card for identification of the content.

Length: 28 cm / 11 in
Height: 13 cm / 5 in
Depth: 12 cm / 4.7 in
Digy buddy is other little big accessory of f-stop, it can be used to carry your batteries, memory card holder, cables, cleaning kit, GoPro, or other accessories. 
The interesting feature of this little baby is the multiple attachment points, and water-resistant Hypalon fabric construction that can be used outside of the backpack with additional Velcro and clasps provide easy attachment to belts or shoulder straps.

Quick Features:
- Velcro and clasps;
- Water-resistant Hypalon fabric;
- Multiple attachment points.

Height: 9.6 cm / 3.8 in
Width: 12.7 cm / 5 in
Depth: 3.8 cm / 1.5 in
The Mano is a modular water bottle holder to keep you refreshed on the move. When time and energy are crucial, attach this to your shoulder strap or hip belt MOLLE points and bring added functionality to any Mountain Series pack.This Accessory can carry your select 0.5L water bottle. The Mano features padded inner walls, side mesh pockets.

Quick Features:
- Side mesh pockets for energy bars, a pen knife, or other small accessories;
- Side mesh pocket with vertical zipper;
- Gated clip plus hook-and-loop attachment points provide versatile attachment options;
- High-grade plastic attachment points for use with MOLLE system on camera packs and other accessories;
- Tightening string on top for securing water bottle.

7 x 15 cm / 2.76 x 5.91" 

While your ICU keeps your camera gear in order, our Packing Cells bring modular organization to the rest of your bag. Carry and organize your gear with this three-piece f-stop Packing Cell Kit in black. It features pouches in small, medium, and large sizes. Each packing cell has a zipper closure, mesh panels for ventilation and viewing, and a carry handle. The cells are for use primarily with f-stop Mountain Series packs, but may fit in other packs and bags.
In my opinion can be also used to store and organize your clothes.

Quick Features:
- Use to Organize Gear;
- For Use with Mountain Series Packs;
- Mesh Panels for Ventilation and Viewing;
- Zipper Closure and Carry Handle;

Small Packing Cell:
29.2L x 12 H x 7 D (cm) 11.5 L x 4.7 H x 2.75 D (in)
Medium Packing Cell:
29.2L x 12 H x 12 D (cm) 11.5 L x 4.7 H x 5 D (in)
Large Packing Cell:
29.2L x 20.3 H x 12.7 D (cm) 11.5 L x 8 H x 5 D (in)

Store a water bladder up to 3L with the Hydration Sleeve in black from f-stop. The sleeve is compatible with Mountain Series products, and most major water bladder brands.

Quick Features:
Fits up to 3 Liter water bladder;
Tape-seamed nylon.

40.6 CM x 20.3 CM / 16 in x 8 in 

Protect your pack with the large Rain Cover from f-stop. The cover attaches to your pack via the rain cover attachment points.

Quick Features:
- For Mountain, Loka UL & Kashmir UL Packs;
- Secures to Pack via Attachment Points.

4.5 x 16.5 cm / 6.5in x 11.4in

Gatekeeper attachment straps allow you to easily mount gear like tripods, snowboards, etc., to your favorite camera packs. Gatekeeper loops can be found on all Mountain Series packs, in varying quantities. Two (2) straps included in each order. .Each strap is adjustable by length, so you can securely fasten items to your camera pack.
They are anthracite/matte black. The straps feature a quick release buckle and attachment hooks on either end.

Quick Features:
- Use for Mounting Gear;
- Quick Release Buckle;
- Attachment Hooks on Either End.

2.5 Cm x 62.2 cm / 1 in x 24.5 in

The f-stop Sukha  is available in several European stores, and can also be purchased from the brand's online store. The brand has warehouse in America and Europe, orders from Europe are shipped via Gls from Holland.
As I said before the brand has 4 versions of the backpack:
- The Pack version can be purchased for 288.34€;
- The Essentials version can be purchased for 379.00€;
- The Elite version can be purchased for 569.00€;
- The Master version can be purchased for 742.00€.
All prices are subject to the Netherlands Vat Tax, 23%.

For those photographers who have to choose a backpack that carries a lot of equipment, but is comfortable on the other hand, this backpack can be a good choice. Camera backpacks are great at holding cameras, but tend to be poor choices for comfort on long hikes. Sukha will stand up to just about anything and protect your equipment, even under the most challenging conditions. Despite its impressive size and rugged construction, it’s beautifully balanced and it will let you transport a complete pro photo outfit into the wilds in surprising comfort..
F-stop bags are built for diehard photographers who want a bag that is durable enough to withstand constant contact with the outdoors. at the end of a trip I can assure you that all the material is safe and in good condition, the backpack is ready to suffer and give life for the material, it is also important to note that the brand offers 20 years of warranty to the backpack.

Sukha is a perfect solution for adventure photographers on expedition.

First of all, I would like to thank the f-stop Staff, especially my great friend V. for all the help provided, and thank you to the CEO of f-stop for the trust deposited.
 I confess I was quite excited until the decision, but we got this cooperation . when I received it, I opened it the box, and saw it, I thought, damm, it's so beautiful, and so robust, I fell in love. At this moment I'm just waiting for the next trip so I can use my new company.

The f-stop is a brand that uses the modular system in almost all of its backpacks, and Sukha is one of those models, I'm very pleased to receive the Master bundle pack, which already comes with almost all accessories, I added just only more two extra accessories.Sukha is a travel backpack with a capacity of 70Lt, and with the added value of being modular, it can be customized for the purpose you intent, Sukha is the spacious travel bag with quick access to content and great organizational capacity.

A Sukha can be used in many ways due to the ergonomic carrying system, you can see the outstanding features:
- The materials used are water repellent and extremely robust;
- If the travel case is fully used as a suitcase, it offers a perfect view of the entire contents of the case;
- With the mix of the two ICU's, the Pro Large and the Pro Small, we can transform the top access;
- The large number of pockets makes the backpack very versatile;
- With the help of the rain cover you can get wet from head to toe but your gear will stay safe and dry.;
- Speaking of  zippers on this backpack  they are wonderfully built. I am picky about zippers, and I must say that these are the best I have ever seen.
- The accessories I can tell you are formidable, it is one of my great helps to organize my things both in the backpack and in the hold bag.

Overall, when reviewing something as subjective and varied as a camera backpack it is difficult to quantify performance. For me, comfort and utility are what make up the performance of a camera bag. Suffice it to say, as far as comfort, utility, and overall performance are concerned, the Sukha is impressive. 
F-Stop backpacks are a high-end product, and their price reflects that. it's not a cheaper backpack however a good backpack can be likened to a top-quality. If you’re spending thousands of euros on gears and lenses, and all your equipment, you have to think on secure of them.
- Rugged;
- Comfortable;
- Flexible system, customisable with accessories;
- Lots of straps and attachments for extra gear;
- Detachable key chain.

- In a backpack of this price you could bring the gift cover;
- Litte Expensive, not for all buggets;

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