K&F Cocept 10 Led Ring Light Review

Hello my friends here I'm again to talk you a little bit of a new product that K&F concept sent to me.
K&F contacted me that have a new product in promotion list, the Led Ring Light, and ask me if I was interested to make a article of the product, as I answered "why not?" 
Led lights are very fashionable these days in many ways, they are considered to be lights that spur a great deal of versatility.
Well suited for beauty lighting, the 10" LED Ring Light Kit from K&F provides an attractive, soft, even light quality to work up-close to your subject, exhibiting exotic, ring-shaped catchlight in their eyes. The light offers  3200, 4500, and 5600K temperature color settings,  to shoot outdoors, match room light, or for creative expression. The light has four levels of brightness, and while you can make color and brightness adjustments on the light, you can also make them wirelessly from up to 25' away via Bluetooth. The ring light is USB powered, so taking it on location is a snap.
K&F Concept was founded in 2011, they are one-stop refined photographic solution provider,  specialize in design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories.
They are committed to creating professional and innovative products backed by friendly, responsive service to delight our distinguished customers around the world.
The led ring light came in a big large cardboard box, and inside this one I found 3 other smaller cardboard boxes, one box with the led light, another box with the tripe, and another box with the accessories:

- Led Ring Light;
- Tripod;
- Phone Support ;
- Flexible Arm hose;
- Support with a Flexible Arm Hose with a microphone support;
- Extra support for more 2 phones;
- Phone Remote Control.
A few years ago if we thought about ring lights, we would readily weigh in glossy editorial photoshoots or slick music videos. nowadays ring lights are used for a number of uses but more often on bloggers. The best ring lights might just be the most versatile and useful lights you ever buy. Thankfully, these days they're much more than just special effects lights - you're just as likely to use a ring light with your phone or laptop as you are with a camera.

If  you retreat a few years ago the ring lights were made with clunky fluorescent bulbs, the best ring lights today are powered by LEDs - making them much cheaper, more compact and more versatile. Of course, LEDs can't match the output of the best flashguns or the best strobes, but some ring lights have flash and High Speed ​​Sync modes that boost their power by up to 500% (with no recycle time). This makes achieving that soft, even illumination with sparkling catchlights in your portraits easier than ever.
The led ring lights are perfect for all kinds of videography. This makes them the preferred light for many vloggers, YouTubers and content creators – particularly those who produce makeup and beauty tutorials. Indeed, ring lights are great just for applying makeup.
Ring lights can also be used in our 'new world', becoming our companions in our home hobbies, such as reading, being at the computer, putting make-up on. It can also be quite useful when using the web cam, When taking part in meetings or attending job interviews via apps like Zoom and Skype, ring lights turn dim makeshift office spaces into professional-looking work environments - making you look your best, rather than dialing in from what looks like a darkened closet.
So whether you're looking for beautiful portrait illumination, flawless video light, or you simply want to maintain a professional image when attending virtual meetings, there are the best ring lights around - and if you want to shoot a different kind of close-up , check out the best ringflash for macro photography.

- Light Fixture:
     - Color Temperature: 3200 to 5600K;
     - Cooling System: Passive.
- DimmingYes:
     - Lumens: 800;
     - Circular Panel Size: 10" / 25.4 cm Diameter (Ring).
- Connectors:
     - Battery Plate: None;
     - Power Input Connector: USB Type-A.
- Mounting:
     - Fixture Mount: 5/8" Receiver;
     - Accessory Mount: 1 x 1/4"-20 Female.
- Yoke:
     - Tilt: 180°
- Tripod:
      - Minimum tripod height: 87cm. Maximum height: 202cm.
- Remote Operation:
     - Remote Control Type: Bluetooth;
     - Wireless Range: 7.5 m.
- Power:
     - AC Input Power: None;
     - Power Source:AC Adapter;
     - Max Power Consumption: 12 W.
- Cable:
     - Cable Length: 1.5 mt;
- Packaging Info:
     - Package Weight:  3.8 Kg;
     - Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 23.5 x 13.9 x 3 Cm


- 3-color lighting mode: white, yellow, and warm white. Each lighting mode has 11 adjustable brightness levels to choose from. It meets all your needs in different circumstances, for Youtube video, makeup, beauty salon, Facebook live beauty videos, video chat, live broadcast, product display, etc.
- The tripod top is hinged and allows the Ring Light to be adjusted to the desired direction and angle. It also comes with a phone holder and microphone clip.
- Compatible with almost ALL smartphones with or without protective cover, suitable for iPhone X / 7 Plus, 7, 8, 8 Plus, X, 6, 6s, 5, 5s, 4, 4s / Samsung Note 8, S8 /S9/LG/HTC. Adjust your phone in any direction, 360 degrees, horizontally or vertically.
- The lamp works via USB, plug the cable into any power source, such as laptop, PC, powerbank, USB charger, USB plug socket, etc. A wired remote control is included, to turn the light on/off or to switch the lighting mode
Ring Lights are fantastic and the K&F Ring Light is a very good light that can providing you with a flexible clip arm, which means that you adjust the light virtually anywhere. The clip also has a second flexible arm that can hold your camera phone, so this can either be used strictly as an adaptable ring light or as a dedicated smartphone setup. The light can be adjusted to three tones of white to match daylight or artificial conditions, and the brightness can be adjusted too.
The light is all plastic and is powered by a USB cable, so it can be plugged into a wall socket, as well as a powerbank, making it more portable.
The tripod is robust and already with some weight helping the stability of the light.
On the matter of the field test there is not much to talk about, nothing better than to see a video that explains, without light and with light.
The K&F Concept Led Ring Light is an incredible Light for content creators. You can find this Led Light in any Amazon K&F store, or you can buy in K&F Webshop, this microphone can be purchased by ...€​​​​​​​

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10% promo code: PT10OFF
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If you are looking for a light for creation, for vlogging, for webcam meetings, for online transmissions, then this is a good buy, this led light is a very economical light, and it is very robust, as you can regulate both the color temperature, as well as the power of the light.
It can also be used for home recreation, such as reading, computer support light, makeup light, etc.
Good light for quality / price. 
- Excellent Quality / Price;
- Easy to Work;
- Three color temperatures;
- Good idea for ter multiple support that can be used grab a small power bank. 
- Now a days could be a RGB adjustable led.

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