The Heat Company Merino Liinear Pro Gloves Review
Hello my friends, this my second time  that I am here to talk you about gloves, another gloves of The Heat Company . Last time The Heat Company sent my the Merino Linear Gloves were you can read my review here
For some of you, you already know that I have a cooperation with the Heat Company, for three  years which I like very much and hope to extend for many good years. This time I was contacted by the brand to know if I was interested in testing the Merino Linear Pro Gloves, and the Heat 2 Softshell gloves.
Right now we are at the peak of the solar explosions, so these are the best years to see and photograph the northern lights, and as such during these years we will always have Photodetails Workshps in northern countries, with lots of cold and snow.
 I had the chance to test these gloves on my first trip to Norway and now I'm going to talk you a little bit about them, and then I'll add more photos of them at the field camp on every trip I take.
The Heat Company® - Since 1994 "Born in The Alps". They love nature and they grew up with cold temperatures.
Right from the start, they wanted simple products that would convince in practice. They love to tinker and always have an open ear when we get tips that make our products better. Many of their products already bear the hallmarks of a large community of outdoor enthusiasts, to which they count ourselves. Thank you for your feedback, the reports and fantastic pictures.
The pictures on their site are real and come mostly from their "Ambassadors". They are very proud that we test their products and take THE HEAT COMPANY® to the coldest and most beautiful areas of the world. True to the motto: BORN IN THE ALPS - WORLDWIDE AT HOME!
THE HEAT COMPANY® products are regularly tested in our own Intersport shop and must prove in practice.
This time the unboxing of the products wasn't easy, as two pairs of Gloves, Warmers, and Insoles all came in a cardboard box, as you can see in the video I made of the unboxing.
For me, the merino gloves were enough, because I don't suffer much from cold hands, but merino is a warmer wool than normal, but the downside is that if snow falls on the gloves, as they are wool, they get all wet, because they sent me second layer gloves.
In my opinion, these gloves have some advantages over my other merino gloves, the Light Linear Merino Gloves. They are thicker, which makes my hands warmer, and they have silicone symbols printed on the underside of the glove, which helps to give them more grip.
Your first layer of protection against the elements is a wind- and water-resistant glove with Thinsulate insulation. The palm is reinforced with soft, durable goatskin, which is naturally resistant to water and wear. The extra-long knitted cuffs keep warmth inside and snow or wind outside. The loops on the fingers of the glove make it easy to take off. To find the correct size, measure the circumference of the palm at its widest point, just below the fingers.
- Your choice if you're looking for our warmest liner
- Fabric: Very warm and soft Merino Power Wool™
- Highly breathable - keeps your skin dry
- Naturally anti-odour
- Fits perfectly - elastic & shape retention
- Silicone print on the palm for non-slip grip
- Suitable for all touchscreens
- Extra pocket for HEAT Handwarmers

- Conductive textile on thumb, index and middle fingers to handle touch screens.
- Silicone print on the palm for non-slip grip.
- Extra pocket on the back of the palm for HEAT handwarmers.
- Super warm and elastic.
- Connect the Merino Liner Pro to your SHELL using the D-ring.
- Weight: ≈ 80 gram
With the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM you combine different LINERS (inner gloves) and SHELLS (mittens) with the POLAR HOOD (mitten overcoat). Choose the gloves that suit you best!

Measure the circumference of your hand as shown on the picture (tape should not be too firm).
Should the gloves still not fit perfectly, you can send them back to us easily and free of charge.
The Heat Company has as a system in their warming gloves a pocket to place their warmers in.
On the back of the seams of each glove is a sewn pocket that is designed to hold an optional compact hand warmer.
Each pair of gloves comes with two gift warmers, and more can be purchased here on The Heat Company Webpage.
The Heat Company's merino gloves come prepared so that you can use the gloves to warm your hands, while still being able to handle your phone.
A textile fabric has been inserted into the thumb, index and middle finger tips of each glove. This allows you to operate a smartphone, smartwatch, or touch-screen tablet without having to take off your gloves.
You can buy this gloves in The Heat Company Web Site for 58€, you will have a superb addition to any cool weather casual wardrobe. 
As I've told you before, this was a very pleasant upgrade. I really like my first merino gloves, the Merino Linear Light Gloves, but I have to confess that I'm enjoying these much more, they're thicker, warmer, and have the particularity of having silicone symbols printed on the underside, which really help the glove's grip. This trip, with the addition of a second layer, everything was perfect. At no time did I feel cold in my hands, and I confess that there were very few times when I wore hand warmers, both on my feet and on my hands.
The advantage of having two layers is the versatility. I have a great example that happens to me, which I'll tell you about. The part of the versatility that I like the most is being able to ride with the merino gloves, since they are thin and have the help of the silicone symbols, if they were, for example, the heat 3, which are two in one, it wouldn't be possible. what more can I say, I'm really enjoying these gloves. 
Thank you very much to The Heat company for all the trust shown.

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