Peak Design Everyday Sling Review
Hello my friends here I am again doing two things that I really like, first to make reviews, and second I will make a confession to you, I am passionate about backpacks and bagsm...
So this have everything go well.

Today i will talk you about not one but two bags, the Everyday sling bad from Peak Design, the 3 and 6 Lt.

This bag in particular really impressed me and that was the Peak Design Everyday Sling 6L. This bag was design to be a everyday carry bag, but more important to be as you wish, a small discreet bag for street photography.

The first one created was the 6 Lt bag, then Peak Design announced a remake of their 10L Sling and a much smaller 3L Sling. The Everyday Line V2 introduced new colourways – midnight and bone – as well as completely new bags and new sizes of existing bags.
In 2010, fresh-faced midwestern-transplant Peter Dering took a 4-month trip around the world. On his trip, Peter learned that carrying a nice big camera around is actually a real pain in the ass. He returned to his San Francisco apartment and did what any responsible person would: quit his job and spent 10 months meticulously designing a little device that would make carrying and using a camera an absolute joy.

Instead of looking for big outside investors, Pete put his new invention (dubbed Capture) on a fledgling website called Kickstarter and asked adventurous photographers like himself to take a chance on the little product. It was an enormous success, and Peak Design has been riding that wave of enthusiasm for smart design and delightful carry solutions ever since.

They design products to solve problems, create delight, look good, resist fads, appeal globally, age gracefully, consider every material and detail, and have minimal disruptive impact on people and planet in both their creation and shipping. To reach those ends, they iterate tirelessly. And people seem to like it.

Peak Design prioritizes people and planet over profit, and we hold ourselves accountable to that objective in every decision we make. We believe a responsible company is a sustainable company. Peak Design purpose is to create happy, meaningful lives for the people that work here.

The majority of people who make Peak Design products (500+) work in our partner factories in Vietnam and China. They aren't direct Peak Design employees, but they are equally entitled to happy, satisfying lives. They are not successful unless they partake in that success. They negotiate fair pay and safe working conditions in our factories. They visit them regularly and invest in audits so we can confidently hold themselves accountable to this objective.
A Backpack it's a big thing and it's not easy to make a pretty package in this bags, they came with a grey plastic bag outside.
Inside the plastic bag came the bag, with some air plastic bags, some Silica small  packages.
In 3 Lt:
- 1 Flexfold Divider.
In 6lt:
- 2 Flexfold Divider,
- 2 Cord Hook external carry
In 10lt:
- 2 Flexfold Divider,
- 2 Cord Hook external carry
- 400D double poly-coated DWR-impregnated nylon canvas shell
- 100% recycled post-consumer material
- High-visibility grey nylon interior
- Hardware is anodized aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon
- Super-durable UltraZips
- Accents in leather (Ash, Midnight) or Hypalon (Black)

2- Specs

- Exterior Dimensions: 30.5 x 19.5 x 11 cm
- Interior Dimensions: 19.8 x 8.9 x 6.4 cm
- Exterior Material: Nylon
- Type of Closure: Zipper
- Water-Resistant Material
- Weight Without Dividers: 0.45kg
- Weight With Dividers: 0.55kg
- Box Dimensions: 5.2 x 9.0 x 14.35

- MAX TABLET CARRY: 25cm x 18cm x .6cm - 11"
- DRONE CARRY: Sized to perfectly fit DJI Mavic Pro 2 + controller & batteries
- Exterior Dimensions: 35 x 23.5 x 12 cm
- Interior Dimensions: 27.9 x 21.3 x 6.9 cm
- Exterior Material: Nylon
- Type of Closure: Zipper
- Water-Resistant Material
- Weight Without Dividers: 0.58kg
- Weight With Dividers: 0.78kg
- Box Dimensions: 5.0 x 9.3 x 11.5

- MAX TABLET CARRY: 21.2cm x 1.5cm x 30.4cm 12"
- DRONE CARRY: Sized to perfectly fit DJI Mavic Pro 2 + controller & batteries
- Exterior Dimensions: 42 x 25 x 14 cm
- Interior Dimensions: 31.5 x 25.5 x 10.2 cm
- Exterior Material: Nylon
- Type of Closure: Zipper
- Water-Resistant Material
- Weight Without Dividers: 0.68kg
- Weight With Dividers: 0.88kg
- Box Dimensions: 15.8 x 10.1 x 5.5"
Everyday Sling have two zippers, one in the front and one on top to access tommain part. All zips and zippers are made of high quality, and are water-resistant, meaning your items stay dry.

1- Exterior Features
The Peak Design Everyday Sling it's very minimalistic appearance, so don't have so many external features. But in reality, there are some exceptional features on the exterior that are not boastful or obvious in their function.

Starting at the back of the bag, the exterior wall is padded and has a full-size grab handle attached to it. Also attached to the rear of the bag is the shoulder strap system.

The main bag compartment is accessed by a zip with two zip pulls, each with a small alloy ring and a nylon puller. Those two ring can be used  to fit a small security lock to secure the bag.

The front of the bag features a single zip horizontally across it. This pocket would be ideal for holding a smartphone or a thin wallet. The zipper for this pocket is hidden by an overhang that features a small strip of new-buck leather with the Peak Design name embossed on it.

The sidewalls of the Everyday Sling have a doubled-over nylon material laying tight against the bag, These allow you to securely attach a Peak Design Capture Clip to the bag. The clip is designed to secure a camera to the exterior of the bag for quick access and to free-up interior capacity.

In the 6lt Bag have other important feature, in four bottom corners of the bag exiate four short nylon loops. The loops are there for you to utilise the two included Cord Hook straps that are made of nylon and have aluminium hooks at each end. With these straps, you could easily attach a jacket or even a lightweight travel tripod to the bottom of the sling.
2- Interior Features

The interior of the Peak Design Everyday Sling very well designed.
The main compartment has velcro walls on the front and rear of the interior. This is to enable the arrangement of the contents of your bag with the use of two included dividers.

2.1. - FlexFold Dividers
The Peak Design FlexFold dividers are a key part of the Everyday series of bags and give a large amount of flexibility – especially when packing camera gear. The dividers stand upright to about three-quarters of the height of the interior of the bag.
The divider would enable you to store a taller lens upright in the bag and have it secure. Alternatively, with the same divider in place, you can first place a small lens and then fold down the hidden wall of the divider to form a shelf.  This shelf could then house a second smaller lens or another piece of gear.
With these two clever origami-like dividers, you could organise and safely carry several lenses within the Everyday Sling. Or, take them out completely and comfortably house a camera with a zoom lens. There is a thin but supportive divider at the rear of the main compartment that will allow for an 11-inch tablet to be fitted with dimensions of 25cm x 18cm x .6cm.
2.2 - Side Elastic Pockets
The two side walls of the interior each feature soft and slightly stretchy pockets that could be used to house cleaning gear or keys, they can be used for spare batteries, or a surprisingly nice holder for your sun glasses
2.3. - Front Zip Pocket
At the front of the interior, you cam find a single zippered pocket. Within that, there are four stitched divided pockets that are ideal for carrying spare batteries or memory cards.

Two of the pockets have a dark grey stitch on the front and the other two have a black stitch. This way, you could use the light grey pockets to indicate used batteries and the black ones to indicate full batteries.
2.4. - Hidden Back Panel
This feature only could be found in 6 and 10 Lt versions.
This is a great for a notebook, documents, a tablet or laptop (depending on which size you get) the back panel is a nice feature to have!
You probably forget that this feature exists, because the back panel is actually quite hidden. It discretely folds back into back of the pack.

This shoulder strap has some unique complexities, but is still easy to use. The strap is configured to be worn across your left shoulder so that you can swing the bag around on the right side of your body to gain access. It’s also possible to reverse this so that you can wear it across your right shoulder comfortably.

The centre of the strap features fixed padded support that makes carrying the bag more comfortable. At one end there is ample strap that can be adjusted via a buckle. At the other end of the shoulder pad is an aluminium buckle that allows you to unclip the bag from your body rather than having to lift it over your head.
Again, this side of the strap has ample excess strap and features an alloy strap slider (the same as featured in Peak Design’s slide camera straps) that allows for the length to be quickly adjusted.

I really appreciate the amount of extra strap provided as it makes the Everday Sling comfortable for people with larger frames. Any excess strap at either end can be tucked away into a small opening in the rear of the bag.

The straps are fixed to the bag via unique swivelling fixtures that each provide a 90-degree range and assist the bag in conforming to your body.

The ideal minimalist 1-camera bag. Great for a single body+lens and a few accessories. Also ideal for essential everyday or travel carry. A sling that's also wearable as a hip bag.

- Mirrorless camera body/lens + 1 extra prime lens
- Crop-sensor DSLR/lens + 1 extra prime lens
- DLSR camera body/lens

- Wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, and passport
- 3 Beers; 4 white claws


A step up from the 3L, the 6L is a great solution for a small mirrorless, DSLR, or drone kit. Also makes the perfect travel personal item with it's dedicated tablet sleeve.

- Mirrorless camera body/lens + 1-2 extra lenses & accessories
- DJI Mavic drone + controller, batteries, charger
- Crop-sensor DSLR/lens + 1-2 extra lenses & accessories
- DLSR camera body/lens + 1 extra lens
Fits a full-frame DSLR + 70-200 pro lens

- Tablet, snack, wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, passport
- 5 Beers (maybe a 6-er if you really stuff 'em in)


With an 13" laptop sleeve, the 10L Sling sets up perfectly as a minimalist everyday work bag. As a photo bag, it'll give you substantially more capacity than the 6L, while still feeling compact and streamlined. The only sling with a strap for roller bag luggage carry.

- Mirrorless camera body/lens + 3-4 extra lenses & accessories
- DJI Mavic drone + controller, batteries, charger
- Crop-sensor DSLR/lens + 2-3 extra lenses & accessories
- DLSR camera body/lens + 1-2 extra lens
- Fits a full-frame DSLR + 70-200 pro lens + another lens and/or accessories

11 in laptop, notebook, lunch, wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, passport
a solid 12-er of cold snacks (aka beer)
For me this bag was incredibly comfortable to wear.
With the bag strap at your desired length, the bag will fit snuggly to your body and, unless you are jumping around, does not seem to bounce against your back.
The bag can also be worn with the strap passing around your waist. This requires rearranging the strap so that the padded section is tucked away into a cavity in the rear wall of the bag.
The slider function on the bag allows you to tighten and loosen the strap depending on your activities. Equally, the bag quickly and comfortably swings around from the rear of your body to the front and back again. This is especially useful to quickly access your gear or carry the bag in front of you in crowded locations.

While the front pocket is tight, it is not intended to hold much more than loose change or perhaps a smartphone.

The main compartment freely opens via the dual zipper-pulls – either two-handed or one-handed.
When I stop and think about just how great a bag this is, I think that is exceptional value for money. Other bag brands are charging higher prices for bags with far less going for them, let alone having the quality this bag has.
This bag can be bough around:
3Lt - 65€
6Lt - 80€
10Lt - 100€
If you are looking to purchase this bad, i think you will not be disappointed.

The quality of the materials used and the overall constructions of the bag are amazing. The thoughtfulness that went into its design, inside and out, is obvious from the first glance.

The Peak Design Everyday Sling is no exception and is clearly a new breed of bag coming from such a trusted and respected brand. This sling has a level of flexibility that is hard to find in bags without it being overly boastful and standing out as a camera bag, this bag is discreet in its purpose and, for me, that makes it a perfect everyday carry bag for day to day or for street photography.

- Durable and weatherproof shell
- The quick-release adjuster is amazing
- FlexFold dividers grant a lot of flexibility

- Other sizes could be better,  like 4Lt, 8Lt, 12Lt, 

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