Lotus 4 Core Backpack Review
This is my 5th f-stop backpack, I have a 70-liter shuka, I have a 50-liter Tilopa, I have two 37-liter Ajnas, and now the new 28-liter Lotus4 Core, and for a long time I had been talking to f-stop and telling them that I needed an even smaller backpack, and they asked what for, and I'll explain, my photography travel backpack is the Tilopa, and I can tell you that it's the best backpack from f-stop, but when I go to places like Iceland, or Scotland, or the Faroe Islands, I need a very small backpack to carry only the essentials for long walks, and with this new backpack I can do that easily, I leave the Tilopa in the car and take the Lotus 4 Core with me. Thanks f-stop.
The Lotus 4 CORE combines speed, agility, and Mountain Series capabilities in a streamlined 28-liter profile. When paired with a removable f-stop insert, the Lotus 4 CORE is configurable for any photographic adventure with flexibility to pack other travel essentials. An internal aluminum frame and multi-point suspension system distributes weight evenly for comfort while on the move. Sewn in side straps and multiple attachment points allow convenient external transport of outdoor and sporting gear.

The f-stop design and development process represents a 15-year journey towards the development, design, and delivery of the best possible camera backpacks and bags. They designed, developed, and launched hundreds of products for dozens of brands over nearly two decades. They use a tried-and-true product development and design journey to deliver value and the highest possible quality to their customers.
The most important tool for design & product development is customer insight! By observing and receiving feedback from customers, partners, and ambassadors they learn what “job” customers are trying to do. From there, they apply this valuable insight to the product design to make completing the “job” customers want the product to perform more efficient.

Customers want products that do a job for them. For f-stop customers, the job their camera backpacks perform is getting camera gear safely and efficiently to and from any possible location.  They know this based upon more than two decades of field research, collaboration with the world’s top photographers, and behavioral feedback and data.

f-stop maintains direct relationships with all component suppliers. There are no third parties involved. They use the highest quality fabrics that are light, strong and weatherproof. They developed custom and proprietary zippers and plastics. They are also leading the outdoor and photography industries in using environmentally responsible packaging for every product.

We believe a commitment to sustainability should not be something separate from our processes, systems and products. For us, sustainability is a central part of who we are. From the packaging made from recycled materials to the durability of our products, the f-stop commitment to sustainability is unbroken. Rather than being a catchy motto or initiative of the week, our commitment to sustainability guides everything we do.

They manage the entire journey from component manufacturing to final product assembly. They put every component through advanced testing and extensive quality control processes, and they impose strict tolerance levels on each phase of testing. They engage in comprehensive supply chain tracking and management, so customers get the products they want when they want them.

Their customers own the highest quality gear available, and it lasts three to five times longer than other camera packs and bags. That means f-stop bags are durable, built to last, and remain in the field rather than in a landfill. They back our commitment to quality with a 20-year warranty on our Mountain Series backpacks. They also offer 45-day after purchase, no questions asked returns. Customers also benefit from rapid and free shipping in the EU and US. They global customer support ensures customers, no matter where they live, get questions answered promptly.
A backpack is a big thing and it's not easy to make a beautiful package. As I've already told you, f-stop sent me more products in the same box, such as a Camera Insert Cube, the new Protective Wrap, the old Proctevive Wraps, straps, and Packing Cells kit.
You can see in the video the full unboxing of the material.
The anthracite black, 28L Lotus 4 CORE DuraDiamond Backpack with shallow medium insert from f-stop is ideal for use as a camera bag or a travel pack. The outer shell is made from f-stop's durable and weatherproof DuraDiamond fabric. The base has abrasion-resistant hypalon for added protection and the internal aluminum frame provides lightweight support. The frame has a multi-point suspension system to distribute weight more evenly. The removable shallow camera insert turns your pack into a photography bag with space for your other travel essentials.
The pack has multiple storage options including an exterior pocket with an integrated padded device sleeve. Easily carry extra sporting accessories on the exterior using the sewn-in side straps and multiple attachment points. The top lid has side zipper storage pockets and there are integrated MOLLE web and zipper storage pockets on the hip belt.
- 28L Mountain Series Backpack;
- Anthracite Black Colorway;
- Proprietary DuraDiamond® fabric for reduced weight and increased durability;
- Abrasion Resistant Hypalon base;
- BLOOM™ algae-based dual density EVA foam padding;
- Internal aluminum frame and multi-point suspension system for increased weight distribution;
- Built in compression straps;
- Multiple MOLLE and Gatekeeper attachment points;
- Heavy duty zippers with easy grip shrink wrapped pulls for quiet movement;
- Multiple external zipper compartments;
- Integrated MOLLE web and zipper storage pocket on hip belt;
- Dual-sided external elastic mesh pockets to hold water bottle;
- Pairs best with our Shallow Small and Shallow Medium Camera Inserts.

- Materials:  WR-treated, 420D ripstop nylon with TPU laminate;
                      Heavy duty zippers with easy grip shrink wrapped pulls for quiet movement;
- Comfortable carry with internal aluminum frame and adjustable suspension system;
- External vertical zipper storage pocket with padded device sleeve;
- Dual sided zipper storage pockets on top lid;
- Integrated MOLLE web and zipper storage pocket on hip belt;
- DuraDiamond® padded handle wrap;
- Dual sided external elastic mesh pockets to hold water bottle or tripod legs;
- Dimensions: 58.0 x 32.0 x 23.0 cm;
- Volume: 28L;
- Weight: 1.38 kg;
Lotus 4 Core as usual in f-stop backpacks  had a lot of pockets, and in sequence Heavy duty zippers with easy grip shrink wrapped pulls for quiet movement;. At beginning like other news backpacks it seems very confusing to navigate but with  time we get used. All zips and zippers are made of high quality, they are a Innovative weather sealed zippers and Hypalon zipper garages protect access openings meaning your items stay dry.
Camera backpacks tend to get heavy fast due to the quantity of the equipment we took. One of the things I instantly fell in love with when I got my first F-Stop backpack, was just how comfortable the bag felt. It brings a whole new level with well over twice the padding on both the hip and shoulder straps. Once the bag is loaded and fitted to your body, it literally feels like you’re carrying half the weight you actually are. 
f-stop is very whole on it design, one of the biggest features of the F-Stop line of backpacks is the modular system, they design the ICU (Internal Camera Unit) system. Without any ICU’s inside, the backpack can actually be squished down a whole lot despite also having a rigid internal frame. This allows you to stash the backpack in an airplane’s overhead compartment or a similar luggage situation.​​​​​​​
As I told before,  most of F-Stop’s bags are design to use in modular system, they have their ICU system (Internal Camera Unit). in my experience I can guarantee you that all of you equipment, and other valuable camera goodies will be in safe. The ICU is also fully customisable with hook and loop dividers giving the user the ability to tailor the unit to their specific needs. F-Stop in my opinion is far from the best made ICU modules. 
They have 4 ICU´s the XLarge, the Large, the Medium, the Small, and have more 2 Micro ICU, and 3 ACC, to use inside the big compartment or to be used in pockets they had design for all the backpack, in this backpack we can only use two of them, f-stop Shallow (Small, Medium) size Camera Inserts are recommended for the Lotus 4 CORE. Shallow Medium Camera Insert is included with the Lotus 4 CORE (bundle)
1 - Main Compartment
The inside area has lots of  space, as I told you, this is a modular backpack, so it can be customized for photography, for traveling, or for both. My idea for the most usual customization, I usualy use this backpack as light one, so I use the small ICU, and the Drone Pouch.
You can see also along of the backpak a aluminum frame that was design to provide a exceptional all-day support.
1.1.1 - Back Access
At the rear access I will have available the ICU, It can also be used for travel with a Medium ICU, which will also have access to it by the rear plate .
2 - Top Access
The top part of the backpack has a zipper that also gives us access to the main compartment of the backpack.
If you're using a Small ICU, we have a vacant space that we can access from the top, this is where I bring my Drone Pouch, and there's still room for a few things.
It top of this access exists also a small mesh pocket, closeable by a zipper.
3 -Top Pocket
In the upper part of the backpack attached to the main compartment access, there is a relatively large pocket where inside.
Depending on the amount of items you put in these two inside pockets you can also carry a  Small ACC or a Digi Buddy.

Inside there is also another nice surprise,  a detachable key chain.
We can also use this place to place some food.
4 - Front Pocket
The front pocket is also a pocket that accompanies almost the entire length of the backpack as the side pockets. 
This pocket has a depth of about 6 cm, that consider a reasonable pocket. 
Inside this pocket we can find two more compartments, one is the main compartment, and another for the laptop bag.
4.1. - Laptop pocket
The laptop pocket is located on the front main pocket of the backpack. This padded area can hold a 15.7″ laptop and closes with a Velcro flap.
The back straps as I commented earlier come with a suspension system to help make it more comfortable on long hikes.
The back straps each have a hook on both sides for hanging something, making it interesting to attach something that you may suddenly need.
Both straps also have a mesh strip open on both sides, which I have not yet figured out for what purpose, I think it would make more sense if it was closed at the bottom and served as two small pockets.
In the middle of the straps there is also a mid-chest strap, also for more comfort and stability.
The waist straps were also well designed by f-stop, being a backpack made for long walks and to provide us all the comfort also in the straps applied an adjustment system both in thickness of the strap, as in height, being able to adjust more up or down depending on the belly of the person.
The straps also have on each side a small zipped pocket that we can use for example to hold a cleaning cloth, or an empty battery, or a quick camera neck strap.
It has also been designed with a baked strap that can be used to hang more items, including the Navin Camera Holster accessory from f-stop, which can be used as a quick camera bag, and a small mesh pocket, can be used to care a empty battery.
The backpack comes with a pair of Sstraps, I ordered an extra pair, these straps are very useful, they can be used to attach a tripod, a sleeping bag, a mat or they can be used to compress the backpack, they are very useful.

The f-stop Lotus 4 Core  is available in several European stores, and can also be purchased from the brand's online store. The brand has warehouse in America and Europe, orders from Europe are shipped via Gls from Holland.
As I said before the brand has 2 versions of the backpack:
First of all, I would like to thank the f-stop Staff, especially my great friend Mr. D, CEO of f-stop that I have the pleasure to meat personaly.
I confess that I am very happy with this cooperation, which has been going on for several years now, and I hope it will last for many more years to come.

The Lotus 4 CORE combines the capabilities of the Mountain Series with speed and agility in an aerodynamic 28-liter profile. The Lotus 4 CORE is configurable for any visual storytelling adventure with the flexibility to pack other travel essentials.
In my case, as I've already mentioned, it's used as a second backpack, but this backpack can also be used on trips where you only want to take a camera, 2 lenses and filters with the Small ICU, plus your clothes.
An internal aluminum frame and multi-point suspension system distribute weight evenly for greater comfort. Sewn-in side straps and multiple attachment points allow for convenient external transportation of your sports and outdoor gear.
F-Stop backpacks are a high-end product, and their price reflects that. it's not a cheaper backpack however a good backpack can be likened to a top-quality. If you’re spending thousands of euros on gears and lenses, and all your equipment, you have to think on secure of them.
- Rugged;
- Comfortable;
- Flexible system, customisable with accessories;
- Lots of straps and attachments for extra gear;
- Detachable key chain.

- In a backpack of this price you could bring the gift cover;

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