Peak Design Tech Pouch Review

When I go on a trip, I confess that I am very organized and Like to have the most important things available quick as possible. You also don’t want just to throw everything inside a huge bag, and then spending a lot of time trying to find a small object, such as a pen!
I like to take a necessaire on a plane with my favorite gadgets, like powerbank, my headphones, cables, my osmo pocket, sun glasses, memory cards, my wallet, my passport.
A Peak Design Created a pounch that will help organize all your stuff in one bag. At first glance, the Peak Design Tech Pouch may look like a simple bag to store your things, but it goes way beyond that. This is one of the most well-thought pouches we’ve ever seen.
In 2010, fresh-faced midwestern-transplant Peter Dering took a 4-month trip around the world. On his trip, Peter learned that carrying a nice big camera around is actually a real pain in the ass. He returned to his San Francisco apartment and did what any responsible person would: quit his job and spent 10 months meticulously designing a little device that would make carrying and using a camera an absolute joy.

Instead of looking for big outside investors, Pete put his new invention (dubbed Capture) on a fledgling website called Kickstarter and asked adventurous photographers like himself to take a chance on the little product. It was an enormous success, and Peak Design has been riding that wave of enthusiasm for smart design and delightful carry solutions ever since.

They design products to solve problems, create delight, look good, resist fads, appeal globally, age gracefully, consider every material and detail, and have minimal disruptive impact on people and planet in both their creation and shipping. To reach those ends, they iterate tirelessly. And people seem to like it.

Peak Design prioritizes people and planet over profit, and we hold ourselves accountable to that objective in every decision we make. We believe a responsible company is a sustainable company. Peak Design purpose is to create happy, meaningful lives for the people that work here.

The majority of people who make Peak Design products (500+) work in our partner factories in Vietnam and China. They aren't direct Peak Design employees, but they are equally entitled to happy, satisfying lives. They are not successful unless they partake in that success. They negotiate fair pay and safe working conditions in our factories. They visit them regularly and invest in audits so we can confidently hold themselves accountable to this objective.

This suitcase comes in peak design's famous grey plastic bag, once opned appear the bag.

- Exterior fabric is weatherproof 200D Nylon. Nylon and polyster PC and TPU coated fabrics, Woven nylon webbing, EVA foam, Hypalon.
- 210D Melange nylon, polyester and a PU face coating in fabric. Embossed WPS, YKK Zippers, Elastic band (pen holder), and polyester twill binding.
- Carry and Transport Options: Handheld or Chest with  use of Strap
- Closure Type: Zipper
- Exterior Dimensions: 24.1 x 15.2 x 10.2 cm
- Capacity: 2.0 L
- Weight: 288 Gr
- Package Weight: 300 Gr
- Box Dimensions: 3.7 x 9.0 x 10.5

The Peak Design Tech Pouch comes with weather-resistant Zoom Zippers that feel durable and smooth. The top zipper is the largest one since it covers the main compartment of the pouch. There’s nothing much to say about it, only that it works smoothly!

The bottom zipper gives you access to an external pocket. It works as good as the top zipper, so you don’t have to worry about the zipper snagging. You can find an additional zipper on the inside of the main compartment, and it gives you access to a small pocket to fit small items.

This pouch is very rich in the part of the handling, this bag comes with three handles. While it’s nice to have many handles, it’s unlikely that you are going to use more than one since this pouch can be easily grabbed with one hand. There’s a handle on the front, another on the back, and a third one at the bottom.

We don’t recommend using the bottom handle to carry your pouch since you would be carrying it upside down. On the other hand, keep in mind that these handles are very tight, so it may feel complicated to grab them at first. The handles don’t take up much space in the pouch, so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.

This pouch includes strap attachments, which you can use to carry your pouch more efficiently by using the strap. If you have one, we recommend that you try this feature out since it feels more comfortable than the handles.

In short, the Tech Pouch is a sweet little black rectangular pouch. It’s simplistic and purposeful, but with a touch of Peak Design-esque style.
It’s small, and I assure you it is not an unruly little package to handle. Not like your cousin’s Chihuahua – that thing might be small but it is a feisty beast that nobody likes.
The shape and size of the bag is thoughtfully designed to keep it standing upright, both empty and full. You wouldn’t want your tiny bag of technological treasures spilling out all over the desk or cafe that you’re perched in, right?
Mind you, it may sound like I’m making fun, but I’m being serious. It’s actually a rather fantastic and helpful consideration.
I’ve been using this Tech Pouch for a few months now, and I won’t be traveling without it! Even now as I write this, it sits under my table, chewing on a few cables and USB accessories.
As standard with all of Peak Design’s products, the stitching, zippers, and seals on the are top quality and high end.
It comes fitted with 2 Anchor attachment loops as well, so you can hook it up to other Peak Design products using Anchor Mounts, or by any other means at your disposal.

This is where the magic happens with the Tech Pouch,  the amount of separate storage slots available to you on the Tech Pouch is wonderful! You’ll find the cleverly designed origami style interior dividers and pockets to be of a curious design. You obviously can’t just put anything you want in to any pocket you desire, though. Most of the pouches will gladly hold your items, but some are better suited to particular things than others.If you’re planning on throwing a lot in to it, this is a storage solution that benefits from thinking of where you’re placing things.
Certain sized bulky items don’t fair well in the origami style pockets, even if they do fit initially. Once you close it up, that’s when you’ll see.

You’ll find 3 elastic pouches on either side of the interior, suited to shorter cables, USB sticks, small plug adaptors, camera batteries, and various other smaller items.
The mid-size origami style dividers are well suited to most things of larger size and bulk, such as longer cables, smaller battery packs, larger plug adaptors, lens filters, etc.
The middle and outer sections you’ll fit most other items you may want to store, such as ction cam, portable hard drives, and anything else you’re willing to stack upon anything else.
Also found in the middle of the Tech Pouch is a more discrete zipper section, inside that is best suited for the extra small goodies like memory cards.
Here's the part that you can put the phone or the passport, is not a big compartement, you can have a liitle bit o difilculty put the phone, when the main compartment is full.

As I mentioned before,  you can fill the Tech Pouch almost everything. I found at times after stacking it with everything I own that it took some rearranging to manage it – especially with thick cables with power plugs attached. Offsetting and balancing the bulky items with the smaller items is the key to success. Thin items such as portable hard drives or phones are better suited in the middle, where as the bulky ones are best kept to the outer edges.
One of the major benefits to the design of the bag is also one of it’s flaws. It’s a rigid pouch which is what helps with the stability and usability, but it can be on the bulky side. This poses a potential packing problem.
Okay, yes it is great that it sorts out a lot of my items, but the pouch doesn’t compress particularly well.
This is other big creation that Peak Design made, for me as photographer travler.  I think that is exceptional value for money. This is a very big quality tech pouch.
This bag can be bough around:
3Lt - 58€
With no doubt in organizational of tech products, this pouch is easily one of the best I have seen. 
The use of thin and stretchy material to create the internal dividers means you can fit an incredible amount of well-organized gear in the pouch without it becoming too bulky. 
Specifically designed for electronics accessories, it features a water-resistant zipper and a clamshell configuration with fifteen internal organizational pockets to hold a range of devices such as batteries, memory cards, portable hard drives, cables, and power adapters. Internal and external zippered pockets along the length of the pouch give you additional storage for your passport, a smartphone, folded documents, or pens. If you have a power bank to keep your gear charged, there is a power cord pass-through leading from the interior and through the external zippered pocket so you can access it without having to remove it from the pouch.​​​​​​​
I’ve found the Tech Pouch to be of use wherever and whenever I travel, be it long or short trips, it has a place in my luggage, It can also be used at home to store my smaller items which tend to just get thrown in to a larger box or drawer.
The Peak Design Tech Pouch is a well thought out and designed package, even though it can be bulky when packing it in a suitcase or bag.

- Probably the most functional tech pouch out there
- Made from high quality, durable materials
- Refined and well made product
- Smart planning with the preset pouches and pockets

- Might be a bit on the bulky side for some
- Interior layout is fixed and not customisable

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