f-stop Drone Pouch

Hello my friends, here I am again to tell you about a new photography gadget, this time a drone pouch.
As an ambassador of the f-stop brand, I was contacted by the brand to experiment and review this pouch, we at the brand have a training program to be able to do it. This item is a prototype, which was sent to me, as well as for other ambassadors where we can use it, test it exhaustively and then give our opinions to the development team helping in some improvements and we can only release the product after the launch.
As you know I own a Mavic Air 2, and this pouch will surely be my partner as you will see ahead.

The f-stop design and development process represents a 15-year journey towards the development, design, and delivery of the best possible camera backpacks and bags. They designed, developed, and launched hundreds of products for dozens of brands over nearly two decades. They use a tried-and-true product development and design journey to deliver value and the highest possible quality to their customers.
The most important tool for design & product development is customer insight! By observing and receiving feedback from customers, partners, and ambassadors they learn what “job” customers are trying to do. From there, they apply this valuable insight to the product design to make completing the “job” customers want the product to perform more efficient.

Customers want products that do a job for them. For f-stop customers, the job their camera backpacks perform is getting camera gear safely and efficiently to and from any possible location.  They know this based upon more than two decades of field research, collaboration with the world’s top photographers, and behavioral feedback and data.

f-stop maintains direct relationships with all component suppliers. There are no third parties involved. They use the highest quality fabrics that are light, strong and weatherproof. They developed custom and proprietary zippers and plastics. They are also leading the outdoor and photography industries in using environmentally responsible packaging for every product.

We believe a commitment to sustainability should not be something separate from our processes, systems and products. For us, sustainability is a central part of who we are. From the packaging made from recycled materials to the durability of our products, the f-stop commitment to sustainability is unbroken. Rather than being a catchy motto or initiative of the week, our commitment to sustainability guides everything we do.

They manage the entire journey from component manufacturing to final product assembly. They put every component through advanced testing and extensive quality control processes, and they impose strict tolerance levels on each phase of testing. They engage in comprehensive supply chain tracking and management, so customers get the products they want when they want them.

Their customers own the highest quality gear available, and it lasts three to five times longer than other camera packs and bags. That means f-stop bags are durable, built to last, and remain in the field rather than in a landfill. They back our commitment to quality with a 20-year warranty on our Mountain Series backpacks. They also offer 45-day after purchase, no questions asked returns. Customers also benefit from rapid and free shipping in the EU and US. They global customer support ensures customers, no matter where they live, get questions answered promptly.

By: f-stop webpage

The unboxing part of a prototype is not the same as a review of a final product.
 After opening the a tradicional yellow cardboard box, I can fond this inside the package the Large Drone pouch.

- Water-Resistant Fabric;
- Modular System for better customization; 
- Padded Interior;
- Upper Interior with Mesh with Dividers;
- Lower Interior with fabric, with Dividers modelling sponge, and pockets outside;
- In the bottom divider, we found 3 small pockets for Sd Cards, and 1 bigger one;
- Big pocket for a tablet;
- Green Troop color, (I don't know what the final colors).​​​​​​​

- Materials:  WR-treated, 420D ripstop nylon with TPU laminate;
                      Weather sealed zippers and Hypalon zipper;
- Dimensions: ... x ... x ... cm;
- Volume: ....L;
- Weight: .... kg;
- Padded tablet sleeve;
- Weatherproof zippers;
- 2 access (upper and bottom);
- Weather resistant material;
- Carry/Transport Options: Top Handle;
Large drone pouch had a lot of pockets, and in sequence very rich of zippers. The most important one is the outside one, all zips and zippers are made of high quality, the main one is weather sealed zipper to protect access openings meaning your items stay dry.
The first thing I noticed was the design, the division of the spaces was very good, everything was thought with detail, I really liked the innovation of the pockets, where they applied magnets for closure, it was also created a sleeve to hold the tablet. 
At the bottom they also left the option to use the modular sponge, or the dividers.

I saw two details that I discussed with the development department that could be improved, I used the bottom part, which is the space that I used to keep the controller and the drone, I think that these two instruments since they are the most used, should always be together, could be a centimetre higher, the controller was slightly out, with no problem  closing the zipper.
Another detail that I wish could be corrected is at the top (where I used as a complement of accessories and batteries) there could be a large pocket to store the drone accessories (extra propellers, tablet support, hub, cables, etc).
1 - Top Compartment
At the top compartment is the one I chose to use for storing the batteries, and the power charger, as I said earlier a pocket could be added to store the small accessories. 
2 - On the outside of the tab
On the outside of the tab there is a sleeve pocket for your tablet, I use an 8" tablet and it fits perfectly, there are also 3 small pockets where you can keep memory cards, there is also a large pocket where you can keep I don't know what, the pocket is narrow, as I said before the pockets are closable with magnets. as I said before it could have a  large pocket in the fabric divider to store the drone accessories (extra propellers, tablet support, hub, cables, etc).
3 - Bottom Compartment
The bottom part I chose to store the drone, the car charger, and the remote control, this part can be used in two ways, with a modular sponge, or with the dividers, as I said before it could be one centimetre higher.
The pouch was created with a hand strap, which is adjustable, very useful for carrying.
f-stop also provided two wooks to use a shoulder strap, (there's only missing a f-stop shoulder strap...).
I still have a short time of use of the f-stop large pouch, but I can tell you that I like it, it is a very nice pouch to use, very versatile, and I can carry everything I need, both in the day to day, as in big trips, as I told you, for me it needed a few minor adjustments, and it would be perfect, even so I assure you that it will be the method of transport of my drone.
I don't yet know the price of this pouch,but usually f-stop is not very expensive in their products given their quality, and for sure this pouch will be an affordable pouch. The large pouch has a very high quality construction, it is made of waterproof fabric, and also made with a waterproof zipper outside, so when it comes to keeping your stuff dry, that will be guaranteed. Inside you will also have a lot of quality in the products used, and a sublime design, thought by the f-stop team, and helped in the development by the validators which helps to be an almost perfect product.
I still have a short time of use of the f-stop large pouch, but I can tell you that I like it, it is a very nice pouch to use, very versatile, and I can carry everything I need, both in the day to day, as in big trips, as I told you, for me it needed a few minor adjustments, and it would be perfect, even so I assure you that it will be the drone's method of transport.
- Awesome design;
- Impermiamility;
- Top interior finishes.
- The bottom part could have more one centimetre;
- Could have a pocket in the top section to small drone accessories.

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