Leofoto QDC-36 Tripod Strap

Some photographs will say that this is another superfluous accessory, but we can guarantee that it is a great tool, for us travelers photographers sometimes carry backpack loaded with material and still attach the tripod, now there is a bomb for our backs, I often on long walks took the camera to the chest the bag of filters and the tripod in hand...
Here is the usefulness of this strap, we can easily take it to the back, shoulder or even chest with this strap.
Zhongshan Laitu Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd was founded at the beginning of 2014. It is located in Zhongshan, beautiful Pearl River Delta area in China. Leofoto team has been designing and manufacturing series of camera support systems by comparing and studying the high-end photographic accessories made in China and abroad and combining different suggestions from professional photographers for over a decade. Leofoto has become China specialized photographic equipment producer in only 4 years.
They are a young company with hi-tech equipment and creativity, for many years, they have been supplying the whole world with high quality professional tripods, ball heads and other support accessories.
They have 1 assembly workshop with 4 assembling lines, 2 CNC machine centers(including 80sets of CNC precsion machines), high and low temperature testers, corrosion resistance testers and other high-precision devices.
They have more than 20 management employees and 130 dedicated workers.
Current production capacities can yield quotas of 1000 tripods per day. Besides, they highly automated production lines enable us to supply the best quality products at competitive prices.
Leofoto's high skilled management team ensures a solid compliance program, while maintaining the official trading standards. Leofoto's constant growth is due to their research & development team. They are the foundation stone of our business. At Leofoto, they always strive to provide the best quality products and service for photographers and videographers from all over the world
Be dedicated and enthusiastic to meeting and leading user needs. They focus on photographic support system and will keep an eye on related industry, their mission is to help professional photographers to finish their works by supplying the most profession support systems. Meanwhile, they will combine our skills and customers’ needs perfectly and assist their clients in promoting our brand in channels, forums, fairs etc to achieve the best commercial values of their brand. They will always believe in our clients and thank them for their recognition and support.

Leofoto had a good taste on package of this strap, it came inside of a beatiful box, wit a good design print.
After opening we can find this inside the package: 
- Nylon strap;
- QDC-36 36mm anchoring ring; 
- QDM-1 anchor bolt.

This is  a strap to use on LS Tripods, Leofoto Strap-36LS carrying strap for tripods with 36mm leg section.
As I told you before it is very useful to carry the tripod on your back, shoulder, even on your chest, with the added value of having a quick detach, there is a nice solution for those who will have to go on a long walk.
It is a strap made of strong Nylon that easily withstands the weight of the tripod and the attached camera.​​​​​​​

- Made with nylon fibers and 2.5mm thick and 31mm wide.
- Aluminum ring to be placed on the 36mm diameter upper leg.
- On the LS and RX series carbon tripods and others with 1/4" screw socket, the Leofoto QDM-1 screw is screwed into the side of the tripod spider.
- The strap includes an Allen wrench for tightening the screws.
- Carry your tripod in total comfort and safety with the Strap-36LS with quick release at the push of a button and top quality components.
This strap can be  purchased for its value and great performance and also for the great looks, i think for the quality they offer in this strap, is not expensive, you can buy this strap in Spain in Leofoto.es  for 86€.

For photographers who travel in places where it is necessary to do long hikes and do not want to carry a heavy backpack, but still need to carry the tripod, here is an accessory that allows you to carry the tripod with a strap, on your back, on your shoulder, or even on your chest, with the benefit of having a quick detach button, it is a very strong strap that also allows you to carry the camera mounted on your tripod.
- Excellent resistance;
- Quick detach button;
- Easy to carry the tripod.

- The screws of the tripod ring could not come out from the ring.

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