K&F Concept M9 Wirless Microphone

K&F was the firest brand that I had a cooperation,  this time was conctacted again to make a review of the new brand's product, this time a Wireless microphone.  
M9 is a wireless microphone with dual-transmitter triggered by one receiver, which supports external charging. It integrated auto sync and 20-channels, working distance up to 80m, real-time monitor, and other functions. At the same time, with strong shielding anti-noise performance, it is a high-quality microphone to broadcasting level.
K&F Concept was founded in 2011, they are one-stop refined photographic solution provider,  specialize in design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories.
They are committed to creating professional and innovative products backed by friendly, responsive service to delight our distinguished customers around the world.
The M9 Microphone came with a beatifull  and smooth box, congratilations... For me one of the most beatiful and modern box. After opening we can find this inside the package:

- M9 Microphone Wireless Transmitter;
- M9 Microphone Wireless Receiver;
- Cable Microphone with Locking system 3.5mm ;
- Furry Wind Muff for Microphone;
- Camera Shoe Mount;
- 3.5 Cable TRRS to TRRS Audio Cable;
- Charging Cable with 2 outputs;
- User Manual.
The  K&F M-9 Kit,  brings vloggers, DIY videographers, and content creators a cost-effective digital wireless microphone system with simple, plug-and-record operation, clean and reliable sound, and extended battery life.

• The real-time monitoring function on the receiver, plug in headphones to monitor and check, so as to complete the recording at one time, professional,convenient.
•  The kit features an omnidirectional lavalier microphone for hands-free speech and dialog, along with a bodypack transmitter, and a camera-mount receiver. It operates well away from potential TV and radio interference, the built-in omnidirectional condenser microphone can capture sounds from all directions, while ignoring distortion and annoying sounds. Metal body, anodizing process. The texture is better than the plastic shell.
• For ease of use, the transmitter and receiver are paired at the factory. Just power up and you're good to go. The system plugs into your DSLR or mirrorless camera, allowing you to capture audio for projects ranging from YouTube vlogs and wedding videos to corporate spots and interviews.
• It is powered by a built-in lithium battery instead of the conventional two AA batteries. As a result, the size and weight are greatly reduced, and the battery life reaches 5 hours, and it also supports charging and use.
- Frequency range: 570-579.5MHz;
- Number of channels: 20;
- Wireless distance: 80 meters (open and without interference);
- Working temperature: -20℃ to +55℃; 

- Transmitter: RF output;
- Power: "10mW;
- Antenna: 1/4λ wire antenna;
- Audio input interface: 3.5mm interface;
- Input frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz, 
- Power supply: 10000maH built-in lithium battery;
- Battery life: 6-8 hours, size :86*59*17mm.

- Antenna: 1/4 wire antenna;
- Audio output interface: 3.5mm interface;
- Frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz;
- Signal-to-noise ratio: "88dB;
- Audio output level: >-60dbv;
- Power supply: 1200maH built-in lithium battery; 
- Battery life Time: 5-7 hours;
- Size: 86*59*17mm;
- Weight: 120g.

Lavalier microphone: 
- Sensor: back-pole electret capacitor;
- Pickup mode: omnidirectional, plug: 3.5mm (locking mini plug); 
- Cord length: 1.2 meters.

The buttons and layout of the M-9 are simple and straightforward. 

In the Reciber we can see in the top:
- Antenna;
- Micro USB 5v charging port;
- Led power incicator;
- Mic output plug;
- Line Out.

In the front:
- Display; 
- Volume down button;
- Power button;
- Volume up button.
In the Transmitter we can see in the top:
- Antenna;
- Microphone input socket;
- Micro USB charging port;

In the front:
- Display;
- Power button;
- Set button.
The M-9 kit transmitter and receiver are both around the size of a packet of cigarettes – although be honest it’s a long time since a handled one of those! 
They feel nicely built, but not the sort of thing that you’d want to drop onto a concrete floor or step on.
It’s good to see that the transmitter’s 3.5mm mic port has a thread so the mic can be locked and not accidentally disconnected.
M-9 Microphone enables great-quality audio recording. The signal is also maintained well over the 80m range, which is much further than I usually want to get from my camera. Objects coming between the transmitter and receiver can reduce the range, so it’s worth running a quick test if you want your talent to emerge from behind a wall or something solid.
With the lavalier mic clipped to my t-shirt, I found that the Filmmaker kit did a nice job of capturing the sound of my footsteps on a gravel drive, while still keeping my voice clearly audible. It makes for a natural sound.

You can see in  the video below a sound test between Boya cable microphone and 6F M-9 Wireless Microphone
The K&F Concept M-9 microphone is an incredible microphone for content creators. You can find this gimbal in any Amazon K&F store, or you can buy in K&F Webshop, this microphone can be purchased by 100€​​​​​​​

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The word ‘wireless’ can often instil a sense of fear or foreboding. Will it be easy to set-up? Will you be tapping in passwords or scratching your head trying to make the two parts communicate with each other?
As with the K&F K-9 Microphone is very easy to set-up and use. The transmitter and receiver connect automatically and they stay connected. Even if you should wander out of the 80m range, or a large solid object gets in the way, they reconnect quickly once they are back within range. 
They have and excellent battery life with USB-power back-up. These aspects, plus the greater range, give the microphone some advantages.
It’s a cheaper and quality wireless microphone. 

- Excelent Audio Quality
- Easy to Work
- Good Distance Working

- The antena could be inside
- it’s not possible to add additional transmitters to enable more than one mic to record to a single camera. That would be great for conversation and interview situations.

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