The Heat Company Merino Linear Gloves Review

Hello my friends, this time I am here to tell you about some gloves. For some of you, you already know that I have a cooperation with the Heat Company, for a year and a half which I like very much and hope to extend for many good years. This time I was contacted by the brand to know if I was interested in testing the new linear merino gloves which I used for a few weeks and now I will tell you about them.
The Heat Company® - Since 1994 "Born in The Alps". They love nature and they grew up with cold temperatures.​​​​​​​
Right from the start, they wanted simple products that would convince in practice. They love to tinker and always have an open ear when we get tips that make our products better. Many of their products already bear the hallmarks of a large community of outdoor enthusiasts, to which they count ourselves. Thank you for your feedback, the reports and fantastic pictures.
The pictures on their site are real and come mostly from their "Ambassadors". They are very proud that we test their products and take THE HEAT COMPANY® to the coldest and most beautiful areas of the world. True to the motto: BORN IN THE ALPS - WORLDWIDE AT HOME!
THE HEAT COMPANY® products are regularly tested in our own Intersport shop and must prove in practice.

Almost every manufacturer of gloves  makes a glove liner, so the material choices, feature sets, and color options are numerous. There are three materials used to make glove liners - merino wool, silk, and synthetics. I will tell down a little bit differences between those materials.

Merino wool is an excellent material for linear gloves, especially in colder weather. Wool is naturally warm and holds in the heat even when it gets wet. It also wicks sweat away from your hands, which is critical in the cold weather. The last thing you want is a pair of gloves that will freeze because they are sopping wet with sweat. i had that very bad experince in the foots, and I I strongly advise you not to try it. Merino wool dries relatively quickly when exposed to heat. It dries faster than cotton.

Silk is smooth feel against your skin, but that's not the only redeeming quality found in this material. Silk is breathable and excels at wicking moisture away from your skin. It can absorb up to 30 percent of its weight and still feel dry to the touch. Silk also is fast drying. Your silk gloves will be warm, dry, and ready to wear after a few minutes in front of a campfire. Soft silk glove liners feel lovely on your hands, but they do have a drawback. The silk material is very delicate. It can be damaged easily by rough surfaces and especially by velcro, which snags and tears the fabric.

Synthetic gloves are a great choice when you don't need the warmth of wool but want something more rugged than silk. Artificial materials are breathable and fast-drying like wool, but, unlike silk, they can take a beating. Some synthetic gloves are thin for dexterity, while others have a brushed fleece lining for added warmth. 

BREATHABILITY: Wet hands are cold hands;
WEIGHT: Wet hands are cold hands;
DESIGN: Loops, Clips, Seams, Cuff length;
WATER RESISTANCE: Helpfull but not essential;
TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBILITY: Works better when the glovers fits.
The gloves came comes in a common cardboard box, inside of it, we find a a soft cloth with some very nice textures, I think imitating snow, enclosing a pair of gloves, a pair of scalps, and a fact sheet. Very very nice package.
Whether you're photographing, skiing, hiking, or just stuck outside in the cold, stay warm with The Heat Company Merino Liner Gloves. The Merino liners are designed to work in conjunction with the optional Heat Company shells and polar hood, but they can be used by themselves as a warm, form-fitting glove.
The combination of stretchy Elasthan, soft Merino wool, and durable nylon protects your hands from the cold while still being breathable. They also feature black carbon in three fingertips of each glove, allowing you to fully operate devices with touchscreens, such as a smartphone or smartwatch.
- Merino Power Wool™ with soft and structured inner surface;
- Your choice for optimal dexterity - pleasantly thin & ideal in the transition period;
- High-quality merino wool from species-appropriate animal husbandry - mulesing-free;
- Highly breathable - keeps your skin dry;
- Fits perfectly - thin, elastic & shape retention;
- Conductive textile on the fingers - guaranteed to work on all touchscreens;
- Extra pocket for HEAT Handwarmers.
- The fabric of the liner consists of a patented 2-component knit construction and combines the best of synthetic and natural fibre. The structured fabric on the inside of the glove provides particularly good thermal insulation;
- Pleasantly soft merino wool next to your skin (no scratching);
-Exterior: Hightech fiber;
- Highly breathable;
- Extremely warm;
- Tested skin tolerance: OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified;
- Washable in the washing machine at 30°C/86°F;

1 - Silver textile on thumb, index and middle fingers to handle touch screens.
2 - Extra pocket on the back of the palm for HEAT handwarmers.
3 - Connect the MERINO LINER LIGHT to your SHELL using the D-ring.
A textile tissue was inserted at the thumb, index, and middle fingertips of each glove. This lets you operate a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet touchscreen without having to take off your gloves.

On the back of each Merino Liner Glove is a stitched pocket that is designed to hold an optional compact handwarmer.

A stitched strap on the inside of each liner's wrist ends in a sturdy D-ring, which is designed to attach to an optional Heat Company shell. When attached, you can take off your shell and let it dangle safely and securely, giving you hands-free access to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or media player.


With the HEAT LAYER SYSTEM you combine different LINERS (inner gloves) and SHELLS (mittens) with the POLAR HOOD (mitten overcoat). Choose the gloves that suit you best!
In order to ensure a proper fit for your Heat Company liners, take an optional flexible tape measure and measure the circumference of your hand. Specifically, you want to measure the part of your hand directly below where the bottom of your fingers connect to your palm.
- Size 6/7 = 14 - 17,5 cm
- Size 8/9 = 18 - 22 cm
- Size 10/11 = 22,5 - 26 cm
- Size 12/13 = 26,5 - 30 cm

The Heat Company has as a system in their warming gloves a pocket to place their warmers in.
On the back of the seams of each Merino glove is a sewn pocket that is designed to hold an optional compact hand warmer.
Each pair of gloves comes with two gift warmers, and more can be purchased here on The Heat Company Webpage.


The Heat Company's merino gloves come prepared so that you can use the gloves to warm your hands, while still being able to handle your phone.
A textile fabric has been inserted into the thumb, index and middle finger tips of each glove. This allows you to operate a smartphone, smartwatch, or touch-screen tablet without having to take off your gloves.

In cold weather, you don't want to photograph outside without gloves on your hands. Gloves keep your hands warm and agile, so you can use them to push or pull your way up a mountain. Frostbite happens faster and is more severe than you may realize. You can get frostbite on your fingers in as little as 30 minutes when the air temperature is 0° F. If you ignore the warning signs, you could lose a finger or two in the process.
Like most snow clothing, it is best to use a layering system when choosing gloves for your hands. The base layer typically is a glove liner that slips inside an outer waterproof, windproof or insulated shell. Liners tend to be lightweight and packable, so there is no reason why they shouldn't have a place in your pack.
You can buy this gloves in The Heat Company Web Site for 45€, you will have a superb addition to any cool weather casual wardrobe. 
The heat company Merino Linear is a lightweight merino wool glove with a very aid in dexterity. The gloves add a layer of warmth under a shell and have an ample cuff for wearing under a jacket. After a few minutes of wearing it, you hardly know it is there. It's a very warm glove. This gloves can be used as common gloves in mild temperatures like Portugal, they can be used in autumn or spring.
They can be also used in summer in northeastern countries, where sunrises and sunsets are very cold.
In cold winter countries these gloves are used as the first layer, being the gloves that will warm the hands, due to their manufacture of merino wool.

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