f-stop Protective Wrap Review

Hello my friends, here I am again to tell you about a new photography gadget, this time a protective wrap.
f-stop has launched yet another product that will help photographers, and has contacted its ambassadors to test the product. This time they've created a cloth that's designed to protect anything you want, especially cameras or lenses. It's a Velcro-type cloth. I took it to Norway and really enjoyed having it as my companion.
f-stop already had protective wraps, but they had Velcro, but these are self-adhesive which makes them very interesting.

The f-stop design and development process represents a 15-year journey towards the development, design, and delivery of the best possible camera backpacks and bags. They designed, developed, and launched hundreds of products for dozens of brands over nearly two decades. They use a tried-and-true product development and design journey to deliver value and the highest possible quality to their customers.
The most important tool for design & product development is customer insight! By observing and receiving feedback from customers, partners, and ambassadors they learn what “job” customers are trying to do. From there, they apply this valuable insight to the product design to make completing the “job” customers want the product to perform more efficient.

Customers want products that do a job for them. For f-stop customers, the job their camera backpacks perform is getting camera gear safely and efficiently to and from any possible location.  They know this based upon more than two decades of field research, collaboration with the world’s top photographers, and behavioral feedback and data.

f-stop maintains direct relationships with all component suppliers. There are no third parties involved. They use the highest quality fabrics that are light, strong and weatherproof. They developed custom and proprietary zippers and plastics. They are also leading the outdoor and photography industries in using environmentally responsible packaging for every product.

We believe a commitment to sustainability should not be something separate from our processes, systems and products. For us, sustainability is a central part of who we are. From the packaging made from recycled materials to the durability of our products, the f-stop commitment to sustainability is unbroken. Rather than being a catchy motto or initiative of the week, our commitment to sustainability guides everything we do.

They manage the entire journey from component manufacturing to final product assembly. They put every component through advanced testing and extensive quality control processes, and they impose strict tolerance levels on each phase of testing. They engage in comprehensive supply chain tracking and management, so customers get the products they want when they want them.

Their customers own the highest quality gear available, and it lasts three to five times longer than other camera packs and bags. That means f-stop bags are durable, built to last, and remain in the field rather than in a landfill. They back our commitment to quality with a 20-year warranty on our Mountain Series backpacks. They also offer 45-day after purchase, no questions asked returns. Customers also benefit from rapid and free shipping in the EU and US. They global customer support ensures customers, no matter where they live, get questions answered promptly.
I don't know if the packaging that comes for the ambassador is the same as that for the end customer, because my packaging was just a plastic bag, but there was also some other material.
- External self-adhesive material is a recycled poly-nylon blend micro fleece
- Carbon neutral Bloom™ algae-based foam developed with special impact protection
- Triple layer materials cold press laminated for durable and strengthened bond
- Reinforced stitched binding to help prevent edge fraying
The f-stop Protective Wrap 40cm provides total coverage of equipment or breakable contents during
transport. Featuring a form-fitting self-adhesive material, the multipurpose Protective Wrap can be
rolled, folded, or wrapped in infinite configurations with no fasteners limiting its use.

- Protect and transport lenses, cameras, or sensitive contents of nearly any shape or size
- Padded non scratch self-adhesive fabric provides ability to roll, fold, or wrap contents
- Bloom® rebound foam layer designed to be impact protective
- Reflective edge stitching for reinforced binding and durability
Three sizes available: 40cm, 55cm, and 95cm.
I really like the functionality of this wrap, they've made a big upgrade, the old protective wraps had Velcro strips where you could close them, these ones the fabric of the wrap itself is adhesive which is very good, many congratulations f-stop for this new innovation.
- Easy handling;
- Self-adhesive;
- Can be used with the machine's own handle.

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