The UniqBall story started in the late 90’s. When Balázs Kármán and László Novák worked in partnership for years and became known for their work of shooting quick flying birds with camera traps. Their creative thinking and engineering background was what made it possible to capture the impossible, make striking images and be honored with many international awards. Back than they used traditional tripod heads and struggled, because none of them worked as they would have liked.
So they analyzed the problem and came up with the idea of the ancestor of the Uniqball ball-head. A large double ball system that was able to keep the horizon level with large telephoto lens. They have been using that first model for over 10 years in all sorts of demanding environment successfully. In 2012, due to an unexpected encounter, the idea of converting this first model into a publicly availbale photographic tool was born. One year later UniqBall was shown to the photographic community for the first time, the rest is history.

UniqBall is a revolutionary new type of ball head, combining all the attributes of a traditional ball head, a gimbal head, a pan & tilt head and a fluid head with a leveling base in order to have everything on hand.
The accuracy of the leveling unit guarantees the most precise leveling of all photography tools, thanks to the special, parallax error-free, high sensitivity bubble level!
UniqBall’s amazing design combines two ball heads into one unit. The outer (red) ball can act as a conventional ball head, or most importantly, act as a leveling base for the inner ball (which than acts as a leveled pan & tilt head).
As it’s made from modern alloys and using modern manufacturing techniques, it has perfect friction to allow smooth movement for even the biggest telephoto lens. One minute you can shoot extreme action photography, the next UniqBall will let you shoot perfectly le
vel landscapes or function as a traditional ball head for those difficult to reach macro shots.
It redeems the ball heads, pan and tilt heads and gimbals and you do not have to worry about the leveling!
It takes only 2-3 seconds to set the horizon level on the outer ball with the built-in precision spirit level, from that moment the system can be used as the perfect 2-way head with an always straight horizon and complete freedom of movement, even for fast moving action photography!
The UniqBall has very smooth panning properties, too! It is perfect for tracking fast moving subjects and also for recording video. With a twist of a single knob the UniqBall can be locked tight, it is strong enough for even the most demanding of photographer. It’s perfect for travel too, as it is very light.
So there you have it. UniqBall gives you several tripod heads in one unit with the ability to shoot level horizons! An amazing redesigned new product, made by photographers for photographers and tested in the field over decades.UniqBall is one of those rare developments in the photographic industry that is truly unique!

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