Microgamma is a company founded in 2000, our purpose is to provide accessories to graphic designers, photographers and following the trend of the videographers market.
Our main focus is color management using Eizo and NEC monitors with X-Rite calibrators. We advise, sell and provide calibration service, this is applicable to graphic designers, graphic industry, photographers and videographers. An imperative need, such as color control, has allowed us to position ourselves as a provider of the main studies in the country. We have two people who carry this section.
Additionally, we have incorporated many other brands of accessories with great added value to not only regularly administer materials to our customers but in essence to look for new products that increase the productivity of our customers.
Apart from Eizo, Nec and X-Rite we carry other brands such as the following:
Tripods and ball joints: Markins (Korea), Acratech (USA), FLM (Germany), Sirui (China), E-image (China), Nodal Ninja (USA), Kamerar (USA), Rat Rig (Portugal)
Filters: Wine Country Camera (USA), Haida (China), Heliopan (Germany), Lee (UK)
Transport and accessories: Think Tank (USA), Wandrd (USA), HPRC (Italy)
Paper: Tecco (Germany),Objectives: 7Artisans
entre otras marcas. Nuestros empleados tienen asignadas toda una serie de marcas, de esta manera hay una persona que sólo lleva maletas, bolsas y correas, otra que lleva trípodes y rótulas, etc...

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